Sunday, September 27, 2009

Being so disorganized..

So, I am still at home as im writing this.. and I got a lot of assignments behind schedule.. and I cant do anything because I have no internet connection.. im so dead.. my work are piling up and I have no power at all to reduce it.. what I really need right now is internet connection.. this can help in greatly.. but unfortunately that is what I am lacking at the moment.. whatever.. I will utilize my time later to do my work.. last minute again I see.. although I had tried my best to avoid procrastination.. it still comes to me even when I avoid it..
Being at home means one big thing.. free food.. yup.. you don’t have to think about your bank account when you eat at home.. and with that, my appetite suddenly arose badly.. haha.. I cant stop eating.. surely I’ve gained a few kilos.. damn.. there goes all my hard work to get thinner..

Another thing is my outfit.. I just have no idea where are all my outfit has gone to.. they are not in the wardrobe.. so, I have to search everywhere just to find something to wear for the day.. and the search could take up to half an hour.. just imagine how messy and disorganized I am right now..
Note to self.. organize everything that I have soon.. very soon.. if not.. im so dead and I could get lost in my own way.. lol.. lame of me..


(written on 25th Sept 2009)