Tuesday, September 1, 2009

mood spoilers..

haish, recently i just sent my friend to the airport as he was leaving for Beijing to pursue his studies.. i promised myself not to cry but in the end i ended up crying.. he was very close to me.. one of my first few friends when i first arrived here.. so long and good luck BonBon.. love ya forever.. study hard k.. well, the problem here is not that.. but it was one of my friends word that causes me to have a terrible mood that day.. as i have already know that a friend of me and that person (for more information on 'that person', read february's posts) is about to aboard on the same flight.. my relationship with that person has been okie compared to back then although awkwardness still exists between us.. we just act naturally and talk occasionally.. but, suddenly this friend of mine ask for a picture of both of us together.. that made all the differences.. he started turning on his defensive mode and totally ignored me.. i bet he thought that i am still not over him.. damn you.. thanks for ruining my night.. although i dont really show that im badly troubled by what had happened but it bothers me the whole night.. and now i dunno whether i could face him anymore as im disturbed by the fact that he might think that im still not over him.. and the worst thing is that some of my friend thinks that it is nothing much.. but for me and him.. it's big.. we were just about to be friends again.. now, he seems so far from me again..



aj_hadzmy said...

hahhaha.. tough trying to be friends with the ones we love doesnt it?

= )