Tuesday, September 15, 2009

facing the past..

meeting up with people from your past can bring a lot of outcome.. you might feel okie with it.. you might still bring the grudge from before.. or you might even feel happy and excited.. well, let just say.. i felt happy when i met someone from my past a few days back.. and it was at one of the place that i never thought i would ever see him.. actually, i dont really remember him already.. it has been a year since i last saw him.. two years since i last talked to him.. he used to make me do things that i never thought i dare to do just to please him.. haha.. i was immature at that time.. but all in all.. he used to play a role in my life.. and seeing him again doesnt really brings back anything because i decided to let his story remained in my unconscious mind.. i was shopping at that time.. i was resting and he came and approached me.. okie.. i was shocked to see him at first.. but i realised now we are nothing more than just mere friends.. so, we talked like how friends are supposed to talk to each other.. then, we were off doing our own matters.. talking to him was somehow nice as he is still as sweet as ever.. only the thing that is different is the emotion.. hehe.. let's not worry about the emotion so much.. what has passed, stay in past..

talking about past, i called *** a few days back.. i asked him when is he leaving for Aussie.. and he told me on the 28th.. okie, i wont be there if he were to go by then.. so, i made a silly request to ask him to bring the date forward.. he said he will talk to his dad about it.. about two days ago, he called me.. he said that he is going on the 24th now.. i was asking why?.. and he said because you wanted to.. okie, he would take serious what i said to him?.. this feels good.. haha.. so, i guess i'll be seeing him and sending him off later.. hope i could contain my emotion.. there has been enough tears that i have cried in the airport..