Friday, September 11, 2009

of disgust and feeling embarrassed..

recently, when i was browsing through the internet, i stumbled upon something so disgusting, i could not bear to read it for long.. okie, i was disgusted by both the content and the grammatical features.. the sentence structure is all haywired and the content make me feel like i would vomit anytime if i read it any longer.. can you imagine exposing something so personal about yourself on the net where everyone has access to it? OMG, i cant think of doing such thing.. it is fine when you share about life experiences.. but, personal life? i mean really personal.. nope.. i cant accept that.. and addition to my embarrassment, he exposed about his nationality and race and not forgetting religion of the author himself.. OMG again.. eeuww, u are not just jeopardising your own safety.. but the other people's who is in the same country, race and religion as you are.. God, please send that person some enlightenment so that he could think wisely and reconsider what is he doing.. damn, im super embarrassed right now.. and the sexual content of the posts are like beyond acceptable for someone who was born in the eastern community.. i am not saying that asian has the best culture, but we were raised with moral values and humility.. this person shows as if he got no shame left in himself.. we can be open minded, but to a certain extend only.. im not judging but something are wrong, and it remains wrong no matter from what angle we looked at it.. God, i hope some people just have something that we all call Mind inside the tiny little organ we call Brain.. it is vital to stop someone from behaving like beast in human body..

*disgusted and ashamed*