Friday, September 11, 2009

surviving without internet.. and more about life..

i did not go online for a few days.. okie.. 3 days to be exact.. i just wanted to test myself whether i am capable to live without internet in a long time.. and yes, i survived.. lol.. maybe i was too overwhelmed by other matters that happened in my life until i forgot about the internet world.. so now it make sense to me.. you will survive without the virtual world when your real world is taking control of your mind.. i just cant imagine that i did not long to get online in the past 3 days at all.. even today, as i am writing this post, my feeling to get online was not that strong.. im not addicted to internet anymore.. yeay to myself.. and life just got spicier these days.. with all the problems and new adventures in life yet to be resolve and explore.. life seems limitless.. haha.. i sounded like the boy in the story 'Sunrise at The Veld'.. and im so neutral right now.. i find mess with no one.. live my life at my own will.. just do thing according to what i feel is right.. feeling anguish with grammatical errors made by others.. but dont feel like correcting them as im not good as well.. my new life mission.. be a grammarian.. i dont like literature.. it will always be just pass for me then.. if more than that.. thank goodness.. let's hope for no failures.. i must graduate from this institution on time.. okie.. i think i've gone to deep in education.. BORING.. concerning other things in life.. let it comes naturally and do nothing with it.. im too busy to be thinking about those matters.. busy with what?.. study lor.. haha.. yeah right..

*feeling okie*