Monday, September 14, 2009

when things did not go the way you have intended..

okie.. today, i was thinking of finishing up my assignments which are quite a lot.. but i just could not find any way to do it.. for example, i wanted to go to the library to do some research, i ended up going to the bank with my friend.. and then spend about an hour to do some shopping.. arghh.. one chance is gone.. then, i went back home and one of my friend offered me his broaband for me to use it.. okie, i used it as im writing this.. the problem here is that all the necessary website cant be opened and some would come out as no longer available although i just browsed through it this morning.. and worst thing that happened today.. FB has been banned by the faculty.. OMG, how are we going to survive without FB.. it is part of almost everyone in the faculty's life.. i feel like part of my life essence is taken away.. huhu.. office people.. please has mercy on us.. bring back FB to us..

*messed up*