Sunday, September 27, 2009

On the way home for Raya..

Okie.. today im going to write about something that I have always expected it to be bad.. I always have a bad feeling about this particular stuff.. it is my going home ticket for Hari Raya.. from the first time I bought it, I got a feeling that something bad was bound to happen.. indeed it was true.. let me tell what happened to me.. a series of unfortunate events..

When I first hear about the fuss of getting going back home ticket.. I tend to ignore it because from my previous experience.. which was last year.. my ticket was only going to be sold two weeks before the holiday.. so, I thought the same will happened again this year.. damn.. I was wrong.. it was already sold.. by the time I went to get one.. the date left was a day before the Hari raya.. which was too bad but I have no choice.. so, I took the ticket on that day.. however, later I found out that there was a group of students who was selling tickets on the day before the date of my ticket.. the date that I have intended on booking before.. so, without hesitance, I bought the ticket.. now, I have two tickets of different dates but same destination.. and I chose to keep them both.. for god sake knows why.. in case of emergency I guess..

Then.. problems start to arise.. first, I need to change my ticket to another company.. the time now has delayed to another hour.. im still okie with it.. at least I could still go back to my hometown.. then, I received another phone call .. now, the boarding venue has changed.. okie, from somewhere near to somewhere quite far.. but im used to the place, so im okie with it.. they asked me to get the ticket by 7pm.. I thought my departure time would not be later than 9.. nope.. I was dead wrong.. my bus was scheduled on 11 pm.. 4 hours of doing nothing in a crowded bus station.. lol to myself.. then I went to get the info on my bus.. suddenly the counter lady asked me to get on a school bus.. yup, you heard me right.. school bus.. okie, although im not very satisfied but I accepted it..
Then the bus moved.. it used the jalan persekutuan.. not the highway.. which make the journey longer and slower.. I hardly got any sleep as the bus was rocking all the way through.. then it stopped in Ipoh.. some went down.. it continue its journey.. later, it reached Taiping.. then, everyone went down.. okie, this is weird.. I thought to myself.. then the driver asked me where am I heading.. I told him.. Penang.. and to my “delight”, he told me he’s not going there.. so, I was stranded in Taiping and have no idea what to do.. I then called my family and told them everything while trying to contain my anger at the same time.. damn counter lady.. im going to “thank” her later for this.. my family suggested me to go and check for the earliest ticket to either Penang or Butterworth.. luckily it was only an hour wait.. I paid for the ticket and head to Butterworth.. I managed to get some sleep in the bus.. it was way comfier than the other one.. later, we reached Butterworth.. I can smell the sea.. how I miss the scent.. I got down and looked for the jetty.. to add to my hardships, I went on the wrong way.. lol.. so, I have to make a whole turn around the terminal and go to the jetty.. I took the ferry and then went home.. finally, I reached home..

As you can see.. all these just to get home.. so, I very appreciate my home even more now.. lol.. hope none of you need to face these kind of hardships too.. check everything before going aboard..

p/s: I am so going to “thank” that counter lady..

*appreciate everything that I have*

(Written on 19th Sept 2009)