Saturday, March 27, 2010

back in my hometown.. for sis's engagement.. and more stories..

so, this weekends i am spending my weekends in Penang, my hometown.. unfortunately, it is not the island, but the mainland.. i dont really like it here.. maybe because im just not into mainland as i was born on the island.. no offense people, im just stating my opinion.. but still, it is fun.. i have had nice food here.. as compared to SA.. penang is so much better.. but still, i want to go to the island.. it is where i belong..

oh, the main reason for my coming home was m sis's engagement.. it is over by the time im writing this.. a lot has happened actually.. including a big disaster where my sis's engagement rings.. yes rings, all 3 of them were stolen on the night we came back.. it was really bad.. although we were able to find replacements at such a short notice, but the feeling is just not the same as the previous rings were chosen by my soon to be bro in law himself, not my sis.. hmm, cant say more about it.. just hope the thief dies from overdose of drugs.. or got hit by a bus.. or worst, killed and eaten by stray dogs.. he deserves every single bit of it.. but, what i could say about the event is that it went well, mostly on time.. in fact, at some point, they were ahead of time ( the guy's family that is).. thanks to everyone who has helped us to run this event.. your help is highly appreciated..

one nice thing that happened to me, personally is concerning my crush.. i found out the real name and a bit of background on my crush.. damn.. same school as my previous crush.. haha.. those from that school are hot.. random facts.. and the name is just way too classic for me to utter.. hmm.. OMG, and for the first time ever i become so bold and put out my actually feelings in my comment to my crush.. i dunno what is the reaction yet.. i hope its good.. i want it to be special.. maybe more than friends but less than partner.. since the person wont be here for long.. i hate to shatter my heart again.. but still, i did not put high hopes.. since i realised my situation.. hmm.. want you so bad but dont want to be yours..

i think im changing.. im not the person who i used to be.. im slowly getting rid of my old image to build the new me.. the more acceptable me.. i realised i have chosen the wrong path in life and it is about time i go back the right way.. huhu.. people help me okie.. dont make me go the wrong way again.. and help build the new me.. help me be normal.. please people.. treat me right..

*mixed feelings*


Zouq said...

that's so sweet sai....I like the way u think..n mostly the way you decide on how to live a life....really happy bout that...friends are here for you to be with....ehmmm..... i just wonder...which makes u happier..the engagement or the other that thing...hahahaha

Sysco said...

thanks t***h (since you want to privatize yourself), i want to change although i know it is hard.. at least before i stray anymore further.. i could say the other thing makes me happier.. haha, but my sis engagement was fun and make me want to get married myself.. but later okie..

Zouq said...

u kwen satu jer okie jgn gedik nk wat 4, 5 wives..hehehhe (teringt kt libry ngan dya..)