Tuesday, March 16, 2010

work in progress..

since the absence of things to do.. things here refer to FUN things.. i have recently committed myself to something i would never thought i would voluntarily agree to do.. that is doing assignment early.. WHATTA?? this is so not me.. i am the last minute ind of guy.. who care less about work and more about lives.. let it be mine or others.. well, im a gossip monger.. you can blame me.. hehe :)

with that, now i could say that most of my wok is in progress.. before this they are mostly kept in idle mode.. whether i am just too lazy to do so.. or i have totally forgotten it.. okie.. this is quite a good sign for me.. haha.. im proud.. *smirk on my face*

but, alongside this good improvement, i somehow accidentally revived some of my depression back then.. i am capable of having a mood swing anytime and i must say.. i look moody most of the time.. moody as Mad-Eye Moody.. but instead of the cranky kind of moody.. which i am famous for.. i become silent and distant from others.. that explains the eating alone in the room and hardly message nor call anyone.. but i dont think this going to say for long.. maybe it is just temporary.. well, it is just me.. the weird and crazy Sai.. who change according to his desire.. but for now, let me stay emo will ya..

*in progress*