Tuesday, March 9, 2010

tiring weekends.. and a day..

last weekends were very hectic two days.. with addition of another hectic day from this week, i can easily concluded that my few days have been few of the most tiring day of my 2010 life.. let me tell you guys what have happened..

on saturday, we paid a visit to a welfare home here in Klang for a charity event organised by my class for the sake of one of the subjects. although this is so not my cup of tea (charity events), but i tried to put my whole heart in this event. maybe it is about time i changed. back to the story, we arrived there, given our pet bro and sis and start our journey to the anticipated destination. where was that? it was the National Zoo. to be honest, i was excited as that was my first time ever step my feet in the National Zoo. so, both me and my pet sister was excited. did i mention that my pet sister was the cutest among all. haha, my classmates really know how to pair us up. we went for the walk in zoo for about 45 minutes amidst the hot daylight in the afternoon. but nonetheless, it was fun. then, we went to the house and have fun with the bigger kids. although the time was short because it overlapped with another event, it was fun and seeing them laughing is one of the best vista of the day. then, we went home. the moment i reached my room, i slept for at least 3 hours. although i was tired, but it was fun. and im okay with kids.

then, on sunday, my friends and i went to KL, a university as a guest performance for an event there. we did a parody of ANTM finale. although it was good in the eyes of our audiences, personally, i think i can do it better. and we had a blast that night with all the performances. huhu, i danced the whole night through. then, we went home with the exhaustion that is beyond me. although i was a bit pissed off that night. but, i would not say anything about it. those who knows, knows.

monday, my few friends and i went to a school for another assignment. well, i could say this was tiring. we went to see the life of a teacher. damn, it is tiring. it makes me think again whether i want to be a teacher or not. then, without any rest, i went to class and ended sleeping with open eyes. seriously, i should not go to that class.

so, in conclusion, i should say my few days is tiring and i may want to do it again.