Wednesday, March 31, 2010

making decisions.. i hate it,.. because im indecisive..

i need to chose my subject early for next semester, early as in now. this means decision need to be made now and i cannot make up my mind since i have a lot to consider. to learn something simple and factual and ensures me success but sure to be a dread later or something that i might like, but GREAT chance of stumbling along the way, since it is a creative subjects and being a straight minded person, it is a liability.. seriously, im looking for any avenue right now to ask for help or advice in making this choice.. as it concerns my future.. i need to make the right choice and not to regret it later..

then, choice in life, i been denying every single person that come to my life for all the weird reason. i have no idea why but i just do it. maybe it is my choice to be single all the way. yet, my heart says differently. it needs company. and it makes me go for those whom i know i will never git in a million years. my heart and mind contradicts each other. how could two system in one body contradicts?? lame..