Monday, March 29, 2010

disappointed.. since you are not who i thought you were..

in life, when we see someone, we tend to have some expectation on that person. it can be low and it can be high. some are just too high and reach the level of absurdly unreachable. thus is what has happened to me and a friend this lately. we put a high expectation on a person that we see together and hope that the person is someone else. when we found out the truth about the person, i could say, we were demotivated to know more about the person. damn...

okie, the first impression that i have on the person is the person is the geeky dorkish person who knows nothing about life and have no idea how hot he is. this is from the result of my observation through his choice of outfits and all, he appeals to those attributes. and through a social networking website, i got to know more about him. how i was wrong. he is so not who i though he was. he is just the usual boy that could be everyone and he possess the knowledge of his good looks. damn. and the way he interacts to other is no different than any other usual boys with attitude. huhu, heart broken here..

so, moral of the story, some people may not appeal to what they are showing. they could be an angel outside, but deep inside there are just no difference than any vampire that lurks in the night, looking for its victim with its charming attitude..



spAn_kUrAk said...

xpe sai.
let's usha org lain! :)