Sunday, March 21, 2010

what has been going on..

hmm.. could not find inspiration to write lately.. maybe im too occupied by stuffs which i could not explain.. but that is not the main idea here.. i want to share some things that has happened in my life..

among them is watching time traveler's wife.. okie, watched this movie before at the cinema.. and i cried.. huhu *ashamed*.. and i thought to myself.. maybe i wont cry again the next time.. guess what? i was wrong.. i cried again.. and this time when everyone could see it.. well, i watched in my room with my roommates hanging around.. luckily we played by the rule of nobody cares for each other.. so, they just let me.. huhu.. that movie.. it is just too painful to watch.. the sadness that the girl feels, the disappointment in both their eyes everytime it happens.. it was just unbearable.. i just need to burst out everytime i watch it..

then, recently i heard news about a friend of mine who had found someone new.. okie, maybe i will feel happy for him.. but what is more is that i will feel bad about myself.. i realised i have been single for quite sometime now and seeing others with partners makes me look in the mirror and start pointing out my flaws.. and i turned negative.. i start having evil plan about things and stuffs.. huhu.. maybe karma is playing with me.. yes, i admit i have been bad before.. but im good now.. or sort.. haha

*envious and bursting out*