Friday, March 12, 2010

Do not mistake politeness for affection..

Well, sometimes when someone is being too good to us, we tend to think that the person is somehow fond of us. But this could not be applied in all cases. Most of the time, they are just being polite to us, and that just it. Nothing more than that. To be honest, I used to have this same feeling towards a few people who I hardly know, but very nice to me. I was like asking myself, are they into me or what?? And I hate to admit I acted stupidly. But later, a friend of my put this little consensus in my mind that they are just being polite and nothing more okie. And when I come to think about this matter again, I realized what my friend had said was true. The people treat others in the same manner. So, to those who thinks that they are people who are fond of you just because he or she treats you nicely, think again and observe because it might just be his or her nature to treat everyone nicely. Do not end up killing the person due to jealousy just like what happened to that poor girl about a decade back where she was killed because the person mistake her for loving him and not just merely being polite..

*think again*