Monday, November 8, 2010

answer using my guts..

As I am writing this entry, I am actually trying my best to learn for the exam I will have at 2 pm later. Why do I say learn instead of study? Because I don’t feel like I have learn anything for the past 14 weeks. All we do in class were discussing about problems and chatting about life. It was never formal education. okie, maybe there are some, for like 5 minutes in the beginning of the class. Then, it is all life in a controlled environment. Hence the struggle to learn now. Just hope everything turns alright in the end.

One of the most repeated acts I had done this semester is to answer my test and exam paper using nothing more than my gut. Haha, seriously, it is so dangerous since I was never sure what are the correct answers and usually I just ramble on the paper, arrange words in line until it makes sense and seems like portraying and idea and then I stop. Those who know me will know I never answer my papers long. They are always short answers. By far, my gut has done me good. My test results have been more than expected. Well, I guess all the attention I paid in class finally pays.
Okie, that’s all for now. Need to study. Or learn. Who knows..

*gut, help me please?*