Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Obnoxious behaviour..

I got inspired to write this while I was on the train. Seriously, although they might not realised this, but there are some out there who have nothing but obnoxious behaviour. I wonder how they live with such behaviour. Here are some examples I saw today.

Bringing friends to your date just to ignore them:-
I hate this behaviour. Like a lot. Been into several events of such behaviour already. Seriously, you want to go out with your so-called loved one and you drag your friends along. To wait for the train, the bus and so on and so forth. But once the partner arrives, the friends lost their significance. They becomes nothing more than just moving lamp posts. I hate this. Seriously, if you bring your friend along, treat them well, don’t make them feel like idiots. Huh..

PDA in non-designated area:-
Okie, I get it, you guys are in love. There is nothing wrong in showing your love to the public. But please, do it in designated area only. Not all places. Especially not the train where rule of do not misbehave applied. Besides, there are also adults the age of your mum and dad, not forgetting grandma and grandpa. Do you think your behaviour is proper in their eyes? Think again if you think it is cool.

Talking loudly and boastfully:-
So, you got knowledge about something. Yeay to you for that. But seriously, do you need to talk loudly about it in public area? Another thing, okie maybe you are successful in your life, do you really need to share that with unknown people whom you just met? Seriously, this kind of people is annoying!! Period.
Those are what I got to witness today. Seriously, it was tiring. I just feel like shaking them and talk to their face to stop doing that. Haish..