Monday, November 15, 2010

Digital downturn..

Okie, the title here stands for two purposes. First is I am telling about my current situation. I am back in my hometown and I have no internet connection. Huhu, this is so sad since I cannot go online as much as I usually do back in SA. But I will start writing offline blogposts like I usually do when I am home. So sorry, updates will be very late and few.

Another would be the topic that I am discussing right now. Prices of digital goods have gone down quite severely I must say. The lappy that I am currently using which cost me around 2k last few month is now down by 400++. Okie, I have seen this situation happened before and what usually happen later in the future is the prices will receive a boomer. It will go up till up to a level digital items is treated as luxurious items. Huhu, if I know this day will come, I would have wait. At least I will save some money. Huhu, seriously, if lappy was not such a dire need, I would have wait. But now, no point of regretting, what is done is done. Fine



Anonymous said...

Wow! Terima kasih! Saya selalu ingin menulis dalam sesuatu situs saya seperti itu. Dapatkah saya mengambil bagian dari posting Anda ke blog saya?

junior_sysco said...

yeah, silakan..