Monday, November 15, 2010

Goodbye initial 1..

For the past 10 years of my life, I have been telling people about how long have I been on this earth by stating numbers with initial of 1. But, form today onwards, 14 November 2010, I shall introduce myself using initial 2. Haha, such a weird intro for a blog entry huh? Actually I am writing about my 20ty birthday. Finally, the day has come. I am officially old huhu (TOT).. I do not remember who among us who create the rule that if you are 20, then you are officially old. It is because when you tell people “hey, I am 19”, people will mostly reply “you are still young’ but when you say “I’m 20” people will say “okie” instead. That ‘okie’ stands for politically correct answer of you are old.. There I go, talking about how bad it is being old.

Come to think again, there is nothing wrong with being old. Actually it is kind of fun. Finally, you are allowed to feel mad and scold little children without them retaliating back to you for you have authority now. Then, you can make old and matured remarks and not being scrutinised for it. It is actually cool to be old. So, I am so embracing it with positive mind. Hello 20!!

Oh, about the birthday. Nothing much actually. Woke up at my usual time. Then, saw the long-time-no-see nasi lemak on the kitchen table. Hmm, love the taste, it never change. Then, watch tv, went for lunch at the now-typical restaurant for my family and then bought myself a cake. Yup, decided to buy instead of baking since everyone is so lazy to do so. Cooked for dinner, called my cousin and auntie, my sister and her husband and had dinner. That sums up everything. Nothing fun happened in between events. Huhu, boring..

Whatever it is, I am glad that I have safely lived on this earth for 20 years. Yeay..



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