Friday, November 5, 2010

MIFA.. I like..

First of all, if you people have no idea what MIFA or MIFW is, it is the Malaysian International Fashion Week. I went for it on the 5th of November 2010 and I must say, I am glad I went for it.

Seriously, I heard about the news of a friend of mine going a few days back during an outing with him. But he says nothing about it, so I don’t really put high hope on going to the event since it needs passes to get through. But, on the night of 4th, he sent me a text message telling me about he is going to the event and I asked, “May I follow?” And he said yeah. Seriously, I was happy since I love fashion and being able to attend a fashion show, OMG, it is like a dream come true. But there is a catch; I need to be a photographer. Whatta? As you guys know, I have mentioned earlier, I am no good at the pics department, and now I am a photographer in disguise? Wow to myself. The best thing is I need to handle a DSLR, an even harder task since normal camera is hard enough from me. Huhu..

Plus, my economy at the current moment is so not promising. Thus, spending more than necessary is so not needed now. Hence, I had a long thinking before finally deciding to go for it. I got ready the next morning after a very late night sleep and got to see my friend. To my surprise, in the initial plan, there were supposed to be more but ended up only 2 of us were going. Okie, got on the bus and went to KL central. Then we took monorail to Raja Chulan, not BB to Pavilion. Okie, it is nearer people. Arrived and met the person who invited us. There only we got to know the name of the designer that we were about to work for. Okie, he was shy at first because he did not talk to us directly at first, but we were okie with. Then, we registered at the media place. Seriously, we were scared when we heard we need to pay. It turned out, we do not need to pay at all, just give the name of the designer. Fuhh, luckily.

Then, the event starts. And it goes on. Until late at night. And we were there till late at night, but not till the end. Because we had to go due to situation. Huhu, all in all, the experience was hot. The designs were awesome, most of them. Some are okie and some (I am so sorry) BORING.. but looking at all the design and feeling all the things that happened, I believe fashion industry in Malaysia will go forward. Whatever it is, I think I am falling for photography, but to do it seriously? maybe once I am rich and got nothing to do.. haha

*I hate unprofessional photographer*