Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Looking back..

Yesterday, I stroll into my FB account for no apparent reason. I just feel like doing it. Then, I stumbled upon my collection of notes. Some are from way before, back in my foundation year. Upon reading it, memories are recalled. Sweet and bitter combined. Friendship, relationship and any other ship that I have put myself aboard. OMG, how different I was back then. I was more confident, random and seriously, more fun to hang out with. I was always known for my loudness.

Now, I am just a boring person. A person who would rather die and rot in his room than to go out and have fun. A guy who thinks about everything critically and analytically until finally decided to stop from doing anything. Oh my, how time has changed me. I am also not as loud as before, not as wild and certainly, not as fun.

So, I am thinking to revert back to the old me, but still keeping the positive sides of the new me. This is because I realised back then I was happier and livelier. Life certainly was better. I want life now is better. Hence, changes should be made and friends, I will try to say yes to every single chances of having fun. Hehe

*old is gold*


Nyna said...

You're a guy??? I thought you're a girl!!! hahaha

junior_sysco said...

hmm.. i always kept my gender hidden.. :P