Sunday, November 7, 2010

somewhere over the rainbow..

i realised recently i got no mood to write at all. writing becomes a dread for me. if possible, i would leave the world of blogging for good. because i am just not inspired. by anything, anyone. besides, the new skin i selected was so not me. yeah, i might be nerdy and geeky as suggested by all the pen and paper ( if you guys don't get it, it shows organization and planning.. a common element associated to geek and nerds since they are so smart, they are organised.. yeah right.. we aren't!!) but i am actually more to a dark person with a lot of conflicts, internally and externally, alongside enjoying the wonder of the world and put down my random thoughts. hence, i need to find a skin that suits me.

finding one is no easy task. i need to browse through several other websites and blogs. seriously, got bored and frustrated half way through since nothing shows who i am. the situation went on until i stumbled with this skin. it has everything that i love. the dark shades ( not to mention, a big dark shades, shows really who i am, a very reserved and always hiding and BIG.. it also resembles what is within me) the colour orange (my fave colour, yeayo!!), rainbow with extra orange (rainbow symbolises hope for me)and silhouette of flying birds ( what i am trying to look for in myself, freedom from myself). another things is when i look at the picture, it is so vibrant and gay on one side and dark on the other side, which is so me. what is outside is so not what is inside. besides that, the name of the template is "Somewhere Over The Rainbow", one of my favourite song and phrase. i always use it when people ask me where i am from and i dont feel like answering. hehe.

therefore, this skin totally is to my liking as it shows who i am inside and outside. i am glad and seriously quite happy to know actually there are people who understand me. all in all, i love my skin, both actual and blog.

*the blog that is me*