Monday, November 15, 2010

The same feeling all over again..

Human are known to be such an insatiable creature. We can never feel satisfied with what we have. Being a human myself, I am no exception. I still remember, back in SA, how I want to be somewhere else. Especially home. Life is such a dread over there. So, when I finally got the chance to come back home, I am more than glad. But, once I am here, I am happy, but only for a moment. I got bored easily here. I wonder how I survived the past 18 years of my life here. Okie, maybe back then I am not so active and I do not have much freedom. Hence going out was never an option. But now I have seen the world on my own set of eyes and move on my own set of feet, not being able to feel such freedom is dreadful. Huhu, now I understand what my other friend said when he told me that back in his hometown, he will miss SA. Guess what? I am feeling it too.

Seriously, I need to fill my free time. I feel like going to work. But I am a bit choosy. Okie, not a bit, a lot actually *shame*. I don’t want to work in food industry although that is the industry that provide most working chances. I would rather work as handyman than working as a food server. I don’t know why. Maybe because I loathe food nowadays. Seriously, I don’t fancy food anymore. Eating is not really a compulsory now. The reason for eating right now is to continue living and that is it. Huhu. Goodness sake, I am bored. Need to do something important and fulfilling now. So that I don’t feel like my life is wasted all over again. Plus, not doing anything might add to my weight.. OMG!!

*dead bored*