Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Finally, it ends..

I still remember earlier this semester, how whiny was I about will I survive this semester since I am so not motivated to continue my studies. Well, guess what? The semester has officially ended for me the moment I answered my last examination paper yesterday. Huhu, finally it ends and I am glad that it ends. Seriously, I have no idea how I performed this semester. Let just pray that everything is good, like the usual. Yeah, and iam going back to my hometown tomorrow. Huhu, it has been a while since I last went back there. Well, I am not well off and could not afford to go back often *add sympathetic song here*.

Seriously, a lot happen to me in matters of the heart department. Those who read this blog will know what those events are. Whatever it is, I am going to put those past behind and start anew. I am so going to enjoy my holiday. Maybe by working? Whatta? I never worked all my life, but I am thinking of working this time around. Seriously, I need more cash than usual nowadays. Haha. To shop of course. I cannot remember the last time I shop for pleasure. Usually, I will have to think a lot before shopping, this time around I want to shop till I drop. Because I cannot handle the shopping bags anymore. Haha. How good is life if it is like that huhu *add another sympathetic song here*

Whatever it is, I am just happy the semester has ended. I will say goodbye to everything that has happened this semester and I will welcome the new life I have ahead of me.

p/s: this is my 200th post. Yeay..