Monday, January 10, 2011

disagreement and what i would do about it

in life, we cannot be satisfied by everything. we will have disagreement due to the variation of mindset and way of thinking. this variation is the one which colours the world and make it more interesting to live in. a very varied and nonuniform world. imagine life with everyone having the same way of thinking. it only come to a word and it is BORING! so people, disagreement is normal and we should have disagreement in order to feel alive. okie, is it me or the last sentence sounds like words from a psychopath who constantly looking for excitement in the world in order to feel alive? who cares, as long as i state my points.

i also, being a human, or psychopath (who knows?) do have disagreements. let it be family, friends or policy maker. how i handle it? well, let me just say i am a person with a white colour personality. i hate conflicts. i hardly confront people for anything that i am not satisfied of. so, i would finally end up keep quiet about the whole situation and just accept what will happen next. i would only stand up about the thing if only i feel it is worthy. if not, i would only disagree in my heart..