Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sweet love story + being alone = depression..

Okie, on the tv as I am writing this entry is a sweet love story between a girl and a robot. The story is so sweet and the love between the two looked so sincere and believable. I am watching it alone. Seriously, it is depressing for me. Huhu, after the major breakup and sort of lost hope for love, watching sweet love story is like watching a cat being burned alive; Depressing and full of gruesome images. Besides, I think I am being cruel to myself by tormenting myself to finish the show. Huhu, but the show is just beautiful and I will not trade it with anything. Although as I watch this, my heart starts shattering and by the time it will end, which is soon, I might need to collect them fast because the wind of misery took some of it and fly them away. Wow, poetic words from me. Haha. But seriously, I’m trying my best to contain my tears from flowing down my cheeks. Sweet love story never failed to make me cry. But not Nicholas Sparks however, they are just too depressing..

*love story sucks soul*