Friday, January 21, 2011

Like seriously?

Imagined being in a class, with an instructor who has years of experience in the field he or she is teaching and referred by others as an expert, suddenly says to everyone in the class not to ask deep questions since she or he is not really understand what the topic is all about. Seriously, that happened to me recently. To be honest, the moment I heard this, I freaked out. How is the person going to mark my papers correctly when her or his understanding is not that high? Besides, the language proficiency of the person is also not that high. Worst of all, the person is also the core person of the subject. Seriously, I am scared.

What if I write the answers according to the book but not the way the person deciphered it? Will I get the marks that I deserved? So many questions are playing in my mind since the person showed me the incompetency. I pray for the best and I really mean it. I just hope our mind sync and the answers that I will give are according to the person’s understanding.

*freaked out*


Lindonut said...

oh god, i hate this feeling, n believe me, we're facing the same thing. x(