Monday, January 24, 2011



Being in a car for an extra one hour and a half is nothing cool. Your emotion starts going unstable. At first, you feel normal and determined to reach your destination. The mood of everyone will be all okie, friendly talks happen and discussion on what to do once we reach the place.

Then, you missed an exit. You start feeling the worry but it still does not bother you much for you have faith that the next exit will be the exit where you could make a turn to the place you are going. Now, you are one hopeful person. Then, once you see the next exit, you enter it; with hope soaring high in your mind and heart.

Then, you reach a place which seems to be a place of never-ending residential area. You start having panic attack but you try your best to stay calm. You still talk normally but this time, you could hear annoyance and unsure vibes coming from the speech. You will just follow your gut and do what you think is right to do to get out from the place. In the mean time, you look around and realise a lot of things. Among them is the place you wanted to go yesterday which were difficult to reach but now, it is right in front of your eyes.

Then, you keep on moving but to no avail. Your destination is nowhere near in sight and you start to feel anxious and angsty. You still talk but the soul is no more. You are now a Leona and emo-ness creeps in the void left by normal emotion. You start think everything negatively. Tension can be sensed filling the confined area of the car. This time, you only talk when it is necessary and when something went wrong add to your negativity. Giving up is now an option. Rationale is at its lowest. You can make decision correctly. You feel a rush of emotion: sad, angry, about to cry etc.

The journey continues. You seriously do not know what to expect. You start feeling a little bit light headed. You had nothing to put your faith on. You just go with the flow. Although we all know that deep in your heart, hope still lingers and want to make a break.

When you think everything is in vain, suddenly you see a familiar road: The road which will direct you to the destination. At first, you will feel hesitation in your mind because everything looks too good to be true but you want to believe it since you got nothing to lose now: You already lost something. You just follow the road and finally reach the destination. Seriously, at this time, your heart will be filled with a great sense of relief and you will just laugh about what has happened earlier.

*actually this is what happened to me last Sunday when I was on the way to my friend’s sister’s house. We got lost for more than 2 hours and we were on the verge of becoming crazy. Haha



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Discovered this post definitely when it wasreally needed. Thank you very much. It's been extremely helpful

cik penguin said...

I think my version of this would be WAAAAAAAAY crazier since it was like I was on the verge of breaking down that day okay :P