Sunday, January 23, 2011

Plans that became reality..

Yesterday, before all of us went our own way, we said to one another tomorrow we will see my friend perform (sing) at a carnival (in the university, not any circus or funfair) and go to the flea market in PJ. Being a pessimist I am famous for, I nod with doubts filling my anticipation. I even sleep at very late since I am not confident about executing the plan. However, things worked out differently. I did go through everything planned, with extra things along the way.

I did wake up on time and catch my friend performed in front of the public. She was great. Her pronunciation in Japanese is something to be envied of. Man, not in a million years can I be good like her. I better stick to French. Oh yeah, the carnival however, was dull. Seriously, less than 10 booths? Not a carnival as far as I am concerned. Although the food look not so appealing, but some of my friend did buy some. I wanted that raw white tuna sushi (if you are a real Japanese food fan, you will know how rare is that) but I was too late. Better luck next time. Then, we made our move to a kopitiam to have our brunch (to be honest, I cannot recall the last time I had by proper 2 time breakfast and lunch, it is always combined).

Then, we had our brunch. Some with their ever so fancy phone (well at least compared to mine) surf the net and start tweeting about the topics and what we are doing at the kopitiam. Haish, life nowadays and social networking just cannot be separated. Suddenly my friend who suggested the plan to PJ sort of wanted to bail out since the place is quite alien to her and she wanted to avoid nag and confrontation. At that time, my doubt was satisfied but not for long. We decided to go along with the plan.

Get lost along the way. Expected. What?! The place is alien to us as mentioned earlier. But we did arrive at the place. Lost again. This time, in the building. Ask a promoter and guess what is the reaction? She answered it well but in the same sentence she promoted the product she supposed to promote. Super cool. The sentence is nowhere near congruence but she just go with it. Girl, you made my day. Thanks to the info, we found the place.

Upon arrival, all I could see is FASHION items. Cute! I love all of it. How I wish I could buy them all and wear them. But those are dreams. Made on sweet clouds, nice to see but to hold is impossible. Well, let just say, I circled the place a few times and help my friend picked an item. A cool pinecone-like ring. Another friend of mine got to meet her favourite blogger. Good for you girl. Oh, I missed a part at the flea market. Can you imagined that? I circled and missed a spot. How weird. Whatevs.

Then, we headed home. To be honest, by that time, sleepiness crept in and I tried to control my yawn most of the time. Finally, after dropping two of my friends, we headed home (we here is my another friend and I). Getting out from the car became a mission impossible when we were too tired and I seriously felt my leg wobbled around. Huhu, talk about how shopping can drench your spirit, looks like your physical too. Once we reached home, we find the best spot and lay our body to get the proper rest it should get.

All in all, I am happy that the plan goes as planned. Hope for more adventure later.

*happily tired*