Friday, January 7, 2011

No feelings towards you anymore.

Last semester I had tortured you guys, my readers with my rambles on a particular person that I have a great sense of liking or should I say, crush of a lifetime, Tower. Tower was the reason for all the happiness, heartache, laughter, smiles and not to mention, cries. Tower was also the reason for my breakup *huhu* (T-T). Anyway, I know that Tower will graduate from this learning institution this semester and fly all the way to a different continent and stay at California for at least another 4 years to come. Well, since the incident (my breakup), I sort of lose hope in relationship. Seriously, I got no love for anyone. Love as in affection. As in partner, get it? So, I put my life focus right now is to study.

But, recently I bumped into Tower at the faculty. Maybe Tower was there to take the graduation pictures, hence the presence of photographers at various settings. Usually, upon the sight of Tower, my heart will pound as hard as it could and I will get all CRAZEH!! But not this time, I just acknowledge Tower’s presence and continue doing whatever I was doing at that time. I felt nothing. Tower is now nothing more than just a person at the same place as me. No more love for Tower.

Seriously, it is weird to suddenly lose interest in someone I used to drool over. Whatever it is, I just hope Tower will be happy with the life and journey he will soon embark in a different land. Good Luck TOWER!

p/s: saw my previous crush recently. Damn, F (the codename) is ruined..

*stray away from love*