Thursday, January 13, 2011

Please, I detest such behaviour..

Okie, recently I talked to my girlfriends. The topic: Boyfriends who asked for the girl’s social networking access information. For me, I seriously despise this kind of behaviour since it is considered as a breach of privacy for me. Who gave the boyfriend the right to control the girlfriend’s life since they are not legally bound aka married? This kind of boyfriend for me is super insecure and does not have trust in people as well as themselves. What a shame to constantly live in paranoia. Everyone has their right on how to live their life. Even when you are married, that woman still has the right to have her privacy. Hello, it is not like all women who have privacy thought of being infidel. Haish..

Another annoying fact about this kind of BF is that they will never give the girl the access to their account however. So, it is a loss to the girl and a gain for the guy. So not fair. In the end, the guy is the one who found someone else and ditch the girl for the new one. I seriously hate this kind of guys. They are such a disgrace to the male population. Boo to guys who do this.

*je deteste*


Lindonut said...

ugh! moi aussi, je deteste!

junior_sysco said...

right.. i just dont get this kind of guys.. they are just lame..