Thursday, October 1, 2009


The sky looks so dull.. although the sun is brightly shining.. the atmosphere feels so quiet.. although there are people and noises everywhere.. my heart feels numb.. although my face looks so lively.. I sit down to do things that I love.. but it is just my body.. my mind is somewhere else.. I still can’t let off of the memories.. that we used to share.. man, this is worse than break ups.. nothing feels like this.. letting go something that you used to love very much.. although I never realized it.. I wish I never feel like this again.. I’ve went through something like this before.. approximately a year ago.. I thought that was the only time I would have this feeling.. looks like it repeats itself.. it’s hard to bear this longing.. It’s heart wrecking.. it used to be my motivation to work harder to forget about it.. but this time it’s worse.. it has taken its toll on me.. I’m totally overwhelmed by it.. I cry everytime I think of it.. I cry when I see something similar to what im facing.. o cry when I see obstacle-embedded love.. I cry when I see people greatly in love can’t be together.. I cry.. thus this shows that im still immature or.. I love the person more than the one last year.. was the person was the love I have always wanted.. I don’t have the answer for that.. I hope I have..

*bland and empty*