Thursday, January 14, 2010

First love.. why it is so hard to forget..

We always hear people say that first love is the hardest to let go.. I agree to that statement.. but have we ever think why it is so hard to let go of it?? This post is based on my views only.. not influenced by outside sources and have no references.. the only reference is my heart and my consensus..

For me, first love is hard to forget because it is about starting of the new phase in your life.. before it arrived, you have never opened your heart. You treated everyone the same. But when this one person got close to you, you feel the tingle in your heart and you wanted to share your world and your happiness with the person. Better still, when the person feels the same thing. It is like the best thing in the world. And it started the new phase in your life. Living ( or existing) as partners. You start learning about caring for the heart; have your first argument and heartache, and many to follow. You also learn about giving commitment. And most importantly is first love is the thing that holds the key to your heart, opened it and give chances for the next loves to enter your heart and stay there. although it would be long gone when you found someone else if you ever broke up or go own ways with your first love, the person remains as he or she holds the key to your heart. You never owned it. It will always belong to them. Until you meet someone who have the key to finally locked himself or herself in your heart and stays there forever.

That is why first love is so hard to forget. They hold a part of you with them and that little part of you will always reminds you of them..

*what if you have two first love??*