Thursday, January 7, 2010

first week.. how surprising..

as im writing this, i hardly passed the first week of my new semester.. and what i can say about this semester is it is surprising.. i never thought the subjects will be such a drag.. they are just so thoretical and not really that practical and fun to learn.. and the reason stated by the syllabus is to make the students to become confident with their knowledge and be a good teacher.. what?? looking at it make me more insecure about my level of knowledge.. then, i also need to do something that is beyond myself.. yes, i need to do community service.. what?? i never did one, how am i supposed to do it, and worse still, being graded for it.. huhu.. OMG, im dead okie.. and i hardly passed the first week..

then, about life.. wow, i got real friends.. wow, they care about me.. haha.. and they care to open up to me.. and i also heard problem about some of my friends.. but i just hope that they will resolve their problems later.. anyway, im quite happy but seriously, im bored.. haha