Tuesday, January 26, 2010

im embarrassed..

OMG, what has gotten into me this lately.. that person whom i wrote in the previous post is making a big mess in my mind.. i even mistake my friend for him.. haha.. im ashamed okie..
that day i went shopping with a friend of mine.. and we went to find the best bargain on branded items.. and yes, i got myself a Michael Kors jeans (not available in Malaysia, but only in Reject Shop or FOS).. haha.. proud of it.. after getting my stuff, we when to shop for his.. and we came across this very familiar looking white with grey stripe shirt.. and my friend tells me about his liking towards the shirt and wanted to buy it.. and then i spurted this few words..
"bukan you dah ada byk ke baju tu?"
we came to a silence.. only then did he speak..
"it's *** who has a lot of this, not me*
at that moment, i felt like killing myself for mistaking my friend over my so called ex.. gosh, how could that happened in the first place.. damn.. im embarrassed.. and as usual, being my friend.. he teased me on that.. haha.. fine.. i will never do it again okie.. haish..

another even just happened this morning.. i saw a friend of mine who was wearing his pants so low until you could see his boxer.. always not liking the view of a boxer, i pull his shirt down to cover it.. and then he said..
"kalau dengan *** dlu pn u slalu tarik bju dia kn.. nk cover boxer"
OMG, what is wrong with me.. i hate this.. AARGGHH....

*i hate you*