Thursday, January 21, 2010

unicorns.. and rainbows

these two words have been so prominent in my life lately.. for god sake knows why.. it started when my lecturer asked the whole class to go to the library to do some research on a given topic.. and my group and i.. instead of looking for the necessary,went to look for story books.. this is where all the unicorn and rainbows starts..

browsing through the not so abundant amount of story books in the library.. i noticed there were many books on unicorns and magic of the rainbow.. i was wondering, what is all these books doing here since it is only suitable for kids below 10 years old.. or should i say six??.. i just have no idea what are they doing there.. and it puzzled me for one whole day.. yes, i took the trouble to trouble myself with something so trivial yet i have a lot of important stuff to worry on.. that is so typical me.. prioritising the wrong thing.. haha..

then, i try to read some of the book.. and guess what.. it was kind of fun.. life seems so lack of danger and you could always rely on the magic of the rainbows to save the day.. haha.. man, people's imagination.. about a horse with a spiral horn.. and their magic.. weird..