Monday, January 11, 2010

Im going to say about.. Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus

Hmm, when I first look at the movie’s poster.. and its line of actors.. I say to myself.. this movie must be nice.. besides, it is also Heath Ledger’s last movie before he bids farewell to the world too soon, the movie was not even completed yet.. thanks to the great casts and crew they manage to fill up the loophole left by Heath.. anyway, love you man.. no one portrayed Joker better than you did.. okie, back to the story, it started with a show/performance that is common in the 19th century or early twentieth century.. however, by looking deeper, I realized that the setting is actually modern era.. okie.. that was a bit of confusion.. and many to follow..

Then, the movie proceeds and I get more confused by it due to it random nature.. in this movie, randomness is the essence since it is all about imagination.. for all I know the main storyline is Dr. Parnassus is a thousand year old man who was granted immortality by the Devil by the name of Mr Nick. He is trying to do all he can so that he does not have to give his daughter, Valentina, due to an agreement that he made to the devil that every child thet he ever fathered will be given when they are 16.. and the story just got more confusing by addition of character like Tony Shepherd who seems like a nice guy but actually is not.. and it get more and more twisted until I have no idea what it is all about.. man, my imagination is not that high I think..

One thing that I realized about the movie is the message it is trying to give.. it got a bit of Satanism and freemasonry in it.. they were portrayed by certain symbol.. which if you have done research and study in this fields, then you should know.. one ironic line that was said by the devil in the movie was “ can you explain to me about all those satanic symbol and freemason thing, I don’t understand them”.. and there are several actions and lines in the movie that tells you what is it about with the devil.. for example there is a line when Tony said to dr. Parnassus that the devil can’t give him Valentina back because the devil actually don’t have Valentina as well.. then, there is the final scene where the devil gives an apple to nuns.. this may be interpreted in many interpretation but from my point of view, it is actually saying that the people in the religious institution actually don’t even know who they are facing eventhough the enemy is right in front of them.. seriously, this movie is heavy despite its childish look..

So, my advice to you, if you want to watch for fun, this is not the movie.. because you might ended up with a great headache or feeling regret for the money you have spent..

*still figuring out*


Nicca Vontiya said...

I pon still cam blur psl cite tu... xhabis fikir lagi..

asille said...

ok dah diam.
really? th movie is like tht ke?
i smpai la ni x dpt bz.

hah dah sila link blog i.