Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Im writing on.. Hannibal Rising (the book)..

So, remember the post on unicorns and rainbows?? Where I did not go and find the necessary books, instead looked for story books.. or should I say novels ( this sounds more matured than story books).. yup, the book that I got my hand into is Hannibal Rising by Thomas Harris (one of my favorite authors).. after watching the movie several years back, I was enthralled to find the book because usually the book will be better than the movie.. it is not to my saying but it is a fact.. so, when I saw this book, I quickly grabbed it and look forward to read it..

What can I say about the book?? It is a nice book with the usual detailing that Thomas Harris always has in his other books.. it tells the story very vividly and you could imagine every single event that happened in it with high precision (if you’re gifted with high imagination that is).. and this book also tells about the history of Hannibal and how he developed into the Hannibal Lecter that we know today.. reading this book sort of gives you a bit of twisted thoughts in mind as the personality and behaviour of Hannibal is so contradictory to each other.. however, comparing this book to Harris’s other works, this book lacks of the suspense and gut wrenching details that is usually present in his books.. besides, the story also was rather straight forward.. meaning, less thinking about what will happen next.. I don’t know whether it was intentional to make the book like that to show the developing Lecter or just a lack of support in the storyline and plot..

As a conclusion.. it was a good read.. for those who are hungry for twisted and mind blowing murder stories, this book should be on your list.. if not, just try to read it.. who knows, we might be Hannibal ourselves without realizing it.. haha

*twistedly happy*