Monday, January 4, 2010

Im back.. and changes will be made..

Huhu people.. im back in Shah Alam at last.. that can only mean one thing.. yes, the new semester has begun.. so, need to prepare to succeed more this semester.. one thing that I will surely do is to put more effort in my study.. well, although last semester my result was not that bad, but im totally not satisfied with it.. I barely made it only.. all my result was on fences.. one marks less and I will fall into the next grade.. so, need to put more effort this sem..

Another thing that I will do this semester is concerning this blog.. I will write less about love and more on issues or things that has happened in my life that should be shared with others.. although the topic of love might be discussed sometimes, but it will only be the subtopic.. not the main idea of the whole post.. because I just realized that by writing about love a lot of time.. your readers could get bored very easily.. although there are some who seek for such stories.. well, I just can say that im not into love writing anymore.. for now.. but we can never predict the future as time changes people..

About pictures.. im no good a photographer so there will be no changes in that department.. my blog will always be this dark and minimal as im a straight minded person.. I see the world in black and white.. and sometime in rainbows.. never in shades of grey.. haha..

Huhu.. anyway, for this new year, let us all be happy and live our life to the fullest..

*changing.. for better??*