Sunday, January 17, 2010

im writing about.. matters of the hearts.. and Pride and Prejudice

so, i have promised myself to stop thinking about love and whatsoever.. but still, it still haunts me.. go away okie.. i dontthink i need it now.. and this pain has been torturing me.. of remembering the person that i loved so much.. OMG, im not breaking my promises by lashing out my love stories here okie.. so, i wont write anything on what happened to me..

so, last night.. due to the liberty that i have ( actually it was boredom).. i made a decsion to watch Pride and Prejudice.. starred by keira knightley and a guy (i cant remember his name).. it has been a while since i watch a very nice movie and i must say.. the 2 hours spent watching the movie worth every minute.. the storyline was nice.. and i could connect myself to the main character.. both Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy.. they somehow portrayed me.. and they gave answers to me of why i see life in that manner.. so, i shall take some lesson from the movie.. who would have thought the person that you hate the most is actually the person taht you love.. who would have thought that the guy that everybody thinks of as a snob and proud man to be this loveable and willing to asacrifice whatever he has for the woman he loved.. seriously, this movie is a beauty.. and worth watching.. although it took me 5 years to watch it.. well, better late than never right..

anyway, it makes me think that sometimes people is not what we see them as.. they could be very differnt from what we have in our mind.. and the love among teh family members is so inspiring.. how protective is the father to not let the daughter live in suffering although it could mean they could have lost their house.. how someone superior thinks that she could control the life o others and finally being shn by someone of lower rank due to insolent behaviour.. this movie teach us a lot about life and how to go with it.. and one think that seriously close to me is the act of knowing evrything but keeping everything at heart as it could hurt others.. i always do that.. and i understand the pain..

*love and perception, they dont go together, do they?*