Sunday, October 4, 2009

Feelings develop..

Hate.. it is one big word that could haunts a lot of people.. some are explainable.. but some are just can’t be justified.. well, let me say, mine is the second.. yes, a hate that can’t be justified and explained.. it is even inappropriate.. seriously, I don’t know what has happened.. I used to love that person very much (this person is the reason for most of my February posts..)..but then again, things doesn’t worked out that well between us.. okie, everything comes to an end.. fine, im okie with that.. although at first it was hard to get over that person.. it finally passed.. but recently, I developed a new feeling for that person.. it is hate.. I don’t know why.. I just hate that person.. without the person even do anything to me.. what has gotten into me?? I can’t see the face.. it disgusts me.. I can't listen to the voice.. im annoyed by it.. I can't bear the presence.. I wish the person was never there.. that is what im feeling about the person right now.. I don’t want to see, listen or even know anything about that person.. the person that I used to care so much.. is the one I wish I would never know.. the person who was my motivator to do anything.. is now my mood killer.. a good one.. the one who could assassinate my mood just by embracing to me.. or just be there.. Argh, I just hate that person.. but I don’t know why.. one thing for sure.. this going to take a long time to heal..