Wednesday, October 14, 2009

im not going to think..

when we say that we are not going to think about something.. what is the first thing that came to our mind?.. none other but the think that we are not suppose to think of.. that is just human nature.. we tend to do things that we are not allowed to.. that is what happening to me right now.. i love the word im not going to study.. and yet you make effort to study like hell.. then, you might say im not going to think about what is coming up later in time.. let it be an event to handle or exams.. only to find out that you cant sleep thinking of it.. same goes to love.. im not going to think why am i single and deprived of love.. yet, you cry at night thinking about soeone that you dearly want to be with.. lol.. for once, can we really mean what we say.. i guess not because it is just inhuman.. haha.. going against the rule is so human.. and im proud to be one.. im not going to follow the rule.. can you guess what i will do??

*laughing at the existence*