Saturday, October 10, 2009

i miss the old me..

remember at the beginning of this blog.. i used to be very happy.. i write about happy stuffs.. looking forward for people's comments and very eager to post a new post everyday.. but as time goes by.. i start to change.. i turned to the darkside.. i ventured into dark emotions of my heart.. and i start coming out as emo person.. im not happy this way.. i want the old me back.. i have more fun there.. i even got more hair.. haha.. seriously.. im losing my hair.. sometimes i wonder where has that bubbly and happy guy gone too.. was he murdered.. by life events and mishaps.. seriously.. i miss him.. was he replaced by emo-ish demon who do nothing but spread morbidity and despair?.. those questions keeps on haunting me.. and yet i thought i was normal.. then, there were this lovey dovey guy who keep on writing about love conflicts.. of love that was not suppose to last.. unrequited love and secret admiring.. lol, where did he come from.. those are all people who write for this blog.. and those people is one.. ME.. yes one person with multiple conscience.. and it's getting too complicated.. life used to be easy when i was just a single person.. i am just one.. now.. i am just too many.. i miss the old me..

*searching for self*