Thursday, October 8, 2009

My world stops whenever you are around..

i never had this feeling before.. even with those whom i used to be.. yes, i do love them.. but not to this extend.. it is as if time stops.. everybody else muted.. sounds disappear.. the only thing that stays is you.. you and you only.. everything else doesn't matter.. Lord, what has gotten into me.. the glimpse of you cause my knees to weaken.. whenever i look at you.. i wish you would come to me.. embrace me.. the music that you play and your voice.. is the nicest song i could hear.. your existence is a present to me.. yes, that is my feeling towards you.. though im invincible in your sight.. i dont mind.. because your presence is more than enough.. i might crumble if you come closer.. i never felt so weak.. and now i know how it feels.. thanks to you of course.. is this love sick? is that so, then i have been beaten by at least a whole colony of lovebugs.. love never affect me this much before.. but you.. you like the greatest creation ever appeared in my life.. and i dare not say anything because i love you but i will never get you.. it is just wrong.. big time wrong.. so, it's better if you never know about me.. although you stop my world everytime you come around..

*in secrecy*