Monday, October 5, 2009

i feel like dying..

i feel like dying.. I have too many things in my mind.. and i cant prioritise because everything seems so important to me.. and today, a lot of people come to me and say about the way i look today.. gloomy and disturbed.. i try to say nothing because serously.. i dunno what to answer.. i think i would rather die tahn live another day in misery.. i hardly smile nowadays.. i always lost in my daydream.. i dun talk to my frens.. i hate seeing other people's happiness.. what has i become.. a demon or what.. i just realise that i am a big fool.. i am stupid.. i hate myself.. i only care about my pride until i forgot that we need to be nice sometimes.. nope.. i never reember that.. usually, when im good with someone.. it must be because of the hidden agenda that i have for that person for my benefit.. yes, that's me.. the evil enormous demon.. i never know whether i have real frens or not.. i talk behind them and they will surely talk behind my back too. i got no one to turn to.. and all the problems i have been facing for the past weeks have make me into someone i dont even know.. i get angry.. but i keep quiet.. i got annoyed.. and i keep quiet.. i have forgotten how to express my feelings.. i let the emotions accumulates and buried in my heart.. let just hope it never burst.. i would rather die than being sick..

*death, come and take me*