Sunday, October 4, 2009

Not motivated..

Im so not motivated to do anything right now.. even though my assignment is piling up quickly.. I just don’t have the heart to do it.. it is as if I have loss the purpose of life and study.. I don’t know why.. is it matters of the heart again?? I don’t know.. but im seriously behind schedule in most things.. im so dead but yet I feel nothing.. DL feels so far this time.. im so not confident about it.. I need motivator.. someone or something that can move me to do my work.. anybody got suggestion?? Haha.. who am I asking?? I am supposed to ask that question to myself.. I am my own motivator.. but currently the motivated me is taking a vacation.. I need him to do my work.. haha.. I lose myself again..

*what the eff*


watip said...

i tink it's a syndrome or what not. it's everywhere,even here in um. and thinking that we have four years to go,haish,sickening.