Thursday, October 15, 2009

i decided..

Well, I think u guys would know that im single right now.. so, im free to look for love again.. haha.. lol, I sound like someone desperate for love and going out for hunting.. but then again I decided to put a halt to the hunt.. it looks like the target that im targeting right now is owned.. haha.. I just love to give in.. I never really fight for what I want.. I just let it comes.. and most of the time.. it does not.. but that is just part of the game.. one thing that I will never do is beg.. yup, beg for love.. that is just plain disgusting in my view.. showing your weakness even before you get a hold on that person.. for me, once the person has said no to you.. then , there is no point of holding it anymore.. i want to be love because of love.. not because of pity or because you have to.. love me truly, not because of any other reasons.. if there should be a reason, let the reason be love.. but, some really need love.. they can’t live without one.. and hmm.. I got no comment.. I was one like that.. then I tend to accept the fact.. maybe I was not made for anyone.. so, what the whole reason of looking.. haha.. let it roll.. if it never comes.. then, it is just not made for you.. maybe the one made for you had died long ago.. so, no point of looking..

One thing I have learned about love is not to hate the person that you used to love just because it does not work out between the both of you.. accept it as part of fate and move on.. I know easier said than done but that is from my own personal experience.. I have done my hating and at one point I realized there is no point of hating.. you have given your best but it does not work.. let it be then... love should not be forced.. let it come naturally..