Monday, October 19, 2009

im pissed off..

okie.. today i will write about something that piss me off.. okie, not something but some people.. they just dont know how to look at things.. okie.. when you one of their teammates is not capable of his own work.. they dare to come and approach.. not to offer help.. but to add more burden.. Say what women.. you can see that your friend is in trouble and you add more.. thank you so much.. and they have nothing to do while the others struggle like hell.. and they can say that they have done their job.. hello, that is not even my job.. i dont even have any idea what the outcome was.. and i have to make up my own idea to write.. while doing my unfinished work.. for this kind of people, i just have one line for you guys.. you got no love from me.. you dare to mess with me.. you guys took the least reponsibility.. and act as if nothing wrong has being done.. hello women.. after this.. i shall never work with you guys anymore.. you guys are the worst lazybums, selfish, unholy, disgusting, horrid, nasty, inconsiderate, heartless bitches.. Go to hell hell with both of yourself.. i mean it literally..

*pissed to the limit*


Zouq said...

anda sgt marah nmpaknya......sabar la ek... dn perempuan2 tesebut patut takut untuk dekat dengan anda sekarang.......haha..jgn marah encik ahmad.....nanti kedut muka..senyum sikit..gelak banyak..okay!!!

Anonymous said...

saye taw sapeeee