Monday, October 12, 2009

morning my love..

i have always wanted to say this phrase to someone.. but for now it is so not suitable.. to whom should i dedicate this phrase to?.. since the person is no longer here.. i cant say this to my friends.. euww.. that is just plain weird.. back to the phrase.. one of the nicest thing in my view is waking up in the morning and see the person's face.. the person who had stole your heart.. the one who owns your love.. the pure and innocent look in the morning is so gives you the reason why you love the person so much.. and the best thing could happen is a smile from that face.. at this time, you know that the smile is genuine and honest.. the smile is made for you.. and you only.. ahh.. how i miss the feeling of being loved by someone.. but for now.. i want to take a break from love.. but i cant.. i am a Susan Mayer.. if you guys know what i mean.. haha.. listening to the person saying this phrase.. morning my love.. is the best thing ever.. then, you know that you're loved.. someone cared for you.. that is the thing about this phrase in my life.. how important it is.. and how i longed to be in love again..

*morning my love*



love to hear those words esp in morning..

Anonymous said...

me too!
= D

sweetheart wud say
~morning sayaaaaang..~