Friday, October 23, 2009

loving the impossible..

i dunno what is wrong with me.. among all the possible people that i could fall in love with.. i fall in love with someone.. okie 3 person to be exact who are.. impossible to grasp.. i call them The Impossibles.. th people that i know not in a million years will i get my hands on.. so, yesterday i met one of the impossibles.. and he accidentally touched my hand.. i felt a sudden rush of excitement.. a feeling that has not visited me for quite some time now.. and impossible no. 1 dont even realise about it.. lol.. then, later that day, during dinner.. i met impossible no. 2.. i just realised that he just got cuter and hotter.. haha.. and all the time i was talking to him.. i hardly contain my feeling.. haha.. now, im longing to see impossible no. 3.. the one that grabs my attention since a year ago.. it has been a hile since i last see no. 3.. no. 3 is the first person who captures my heart due to personality.. not good look.. huhu.. seriously, loving the impossibles is just heart wretching.. i know i could never get them yet i hope for their embrace all the time.. they are the people who could make me cry because of love.. i dont do that anymore.. they rekindled that feeling in me..

*love in secrecy*