Sunday, October 24, 2010

And I keep it all in my heart..

We can never satisfy everyone’s heart. And my heart is one of those which are very hard to be satisfied. However, most of my dissatisfaction, I keep them in my heart. For I realised, if I say those to the face of those I am not satisfied of, hearts going to get hurt and friendship will shattered. But at times (for example now) I can’t hold it any longer. I just need a place to splurge everything out so I could be at ease.

Among the things is about taking people’s stuff without permission. I am so not okie with this behaviour. Well, as it is stated, it is people’s stuff, so could you please have the courtesy ask for permission first. Hello, saying “may I” is not that difficult okie. In addition to that, sometimes these people is so self absorbed and treat those stuff as their own and even the owner had to ask permission or funnily the people get annoyed when the owner take control. Whatta? It is mine okie. Then, there are those who just eat what they want from the fridge and feel like it is okie to finish it without the owner even have any idea what is happening? Hello, you think people are that blind huh? We could differentiate a full packet from an empty packet okie. Have some shame please. It is not yours okie..

Then, there are these people who just love to defy their own principle. Seriously, I love them. They kept me entertained. Well, one day they say a different thing and the next they are doing it. I just laugh in my heart everytime I see such person. Seriously, they are better than sitcoms, because ther is just no ending to their behaviour, but there are seasons. This behaviour grow with age apparently, the older they are, the more they do it. Haha, thanks for being in my life, you provide me with non stop action and entertainment. In relation to these kind of people are people who hated such action but ended up they follow the people they hate. This phenomenon however happened rarely, but entertaining nonetheless. Seriously, for me they are like movies, rarely come out but give a big impact. They are the definition of hypocrisy. But I keep them for the sake of entertainment.

Then, there are these people that are famous as what we called them emo people. They are not the follower of that emo music or lifestyle, but they are the one who put depression and mood swing as part of their daily life. Okie, to be honest, I am part of them, but I try to lessen the effect. Living like that is so depressing, it harm my health. Seriously, they are annoying. When everyone is having fun, they are depressed. It brings the negative vibe to the occasion. Cheer up people (this goes to me too )..

Those are the things that I am not that satisfied, but I just keep them all in. For I know there is no point of telling them as this is personality. Nothing can change it. So, I just learn to adapt to it. So far, I have yet to lose my mind. hehehe

*easing out*


spAn_kUrAk said...

ouch :P

mindpollution said...

this goes to your second paragraph, I totally know what you mean. Grabing stuff and using it or what ever and then ask, but its hard to say no cause you just dont want to be mean ><

junior_sysco said...

span: hehe.. i just have to..

mindpollution: yup, saying no is just so hard since they are usually our friends..